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Strategic and Innovative Business Solutions

Our company can deliver innovative services to cover various company challenges. The following comprehensive list of organizational solutions are ready to be offered to clients:

Products and Services

  • Strategic Plans
  • Capture Strategy
  • Customer Environment
  • Competitive Position
  • Capture Management Process
  • Customer Contacts
  • Business Analytics
  • Information Management

Intellectual Property Rights

International Consulting & Marketing, LLC will protect all business-related intellectual property rights associated with any work that we perform for you.

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Relevant Experience

ICM had two specific real-world examples to illustrate the importance of an integrated strategic approach. A large hospital had administrative policies and medical procedures dissociated. Another was a small business where product pricing did not cover the related costs of operating the business. In both cases, fundamental guiding business strategies were not understood or disregarded. The results were similar: overall business operations became disjointed, each company had internal conflicts resulting in fewer profits, and they suffered lower morale.

Today, ICM has new tools to provide analytic evaluations tailored to business strategies that support your industry area. We can share and deliver various approaches to you for practical implementation. Let ICM help you become more profitable and grow.

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